About Us


Our company began its commercial activities in 1979 as process control equipments producer and also started works in electronic component procurement branch in 1980.

In the following years we began to make distributorship agreements and added Alcatel factory to our structure, which was named as KOMSA. In order to provide more efficient services with higher quality to our customers in parallel with our developing structure and growing commercial range;


In TV/FM Broadcasting sector GESA Elektronik San ve Tic Ltd Sti 


In order to strengthen Logistics/Procurement processes Gur Dis Ticaret Koll Sti and Gesa Energy and Electronics Trading FZE, which is in Dubai


In Maintenance-Free Dry Type Accumulator Procurement sector Gesa Power Solutions


were brought to life and added among our group companies.


Our Sales / Marketing Policy;

Elektro has been providing component supplies to Military, White Goods, Industrial Applications, Counters, Consumer Electronics and Telecom sectors and is among the pioneering companies of the sector and carrying out all necessary activations continuously to preserve its current success.


Our Sales Engineers and Technical Support Engineers who have sectoral experience are providing our customers with services for all components needed in production process in subjects of PACKAGE OFFER works, new product design and component procurement supply plus after-sale technical issues.


In procurement processes our company is able to deliver the products that are available in stocks within 24 hours, moreover customs delivery option is offered to our customers for sales performed via free zone companies.


In scope of Far-East exportations we show efforts to keep timely delivery rates at top level by cooperating with worldwide known logistics companies.


Our Vision;

Maintaining our activities in local market thanks to our consistent growth strategy while carrying out our activities in global market thanks to agreements to be made in scope of strategical cooperation with sector’s pioneering companies.


Our Mission;


As ELEKTRO our goal is to compete with a structure that gives priority to customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs and expectations, which fulfills legal necessities and continuously makes improvements by learning, and to maintain existence in the sector by growing.


For this purpose;

  • Meeting customer demands exactly and in time,
  • Always increasing the satisfaction of customer
  • Encouraging individual improvement and team work,
  • Participation of employees
  • Efficiency,

are among our main principles and goals.



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