Our company began its commercial activities in 1979 as process control equipments producer and also started works in electronic component procurement branch in 1980.

In the following years we began to make distributorship agreements and added Alcatel factory to our structure, which was named as KOMSA. In order to provide more efficient services with higher quality to our customers in parallel with our developing structure and growing commercial range;


In TV/FM Broadcasting sector GESA Elektronik San ve Tic Ltd Sti


In order to strengthen Logistics/Procurement processes Gur Dis Ticaret Koll Sti and Gesa Energy and Electronics Trading FZE, which is in Dubai


In Maintenance-Free Dry Type Accumulator Procurement sector Gesa Power Solutions


were brought to life and added among our group companies.








Gesa Power Solutions, which joined to Gur Group companies in 2004, offered VRLA accumulators in Turkish market, which were produced with Gesa and G-Power brands.


Thanks to its product quality and healthy supplying process our company was recognized in the sector in a short time and gained brand recognition and spread its services throughout Turkey to reach more customers and gain a more solid position in the sector by opening dealerships in Ankara and Antalya, while headquarters is in Istanbul.


Gesa Power provides industrial accumulator needs of companies in Power Electronics sector, which is the general work subject of Gur Group. Companies that perform business in the sectors which constitute a significant part of this work branch such as Power Source and sectors of Telecommunication, Projector, Medical Devices, Alarm and Security Devices, Marine Applications, Sun and Wind Power Devices, Seismic Gas Cutting Devices, Precision Scale / Measurement Devices and Toy Production are safely using our accumulators with GESA and G-Power brands.






Our company, which began its activities in 2001 under the roof of Gur Group, offers services in broadcast sector for various public and private sector companies.


Our company has proven its existence in the sector since its foundation date and managed to become the winner company of the tender regarding the renewal of Antenna Systems of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation that is the biggest broadcasting institution of Turkey, throughout Turkey; and has still been providing material procurement and engineering applications with success.


Our company has proven its brand quality thanks to its services in material procurement, logistics and engineering subjects for TRT and other national channels and carries out marketing activities for companies in the sector regarding TV and FM Transmitter Systems, TV and FM Antenna Systems plus Cable and Connector subjects.







After the success of GUR GROUP Elektro AS, whose foundations were laid with Elektro Elektronik San ve Tic AS that began its business life in 1979, group companies which focus on sectors were adopted to provide optimum services for customers in parallel with growing market share and product varieties.


Alcatel factory was included in the group structure in 1996 by receiving KOMSA name and in 2004 its official title was changed as CANOVATE.


In 2001 GES Electronic, Gur Dis Ticaret Koll Sti and Gesa Electronic Industry (Broadcast) companies were brought into action and added to group structure.


In parallel with the continuous growth, Gesa Power Solutions was added to group structure in energy sector.


 Gesa Energy & Electronics was brought to life in Dubai Free Zone in scope of strategical growth programme and added to group structure.


Our companies that carry out their activities within group structure are maintaining their brand recognition in their sectors with determination.



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