High Quality sound operational amplifiers NJR
High Quality sound operational amplifiers NJR Small leadless package products are appended to high quality sound operational amplifiers MUSES8920/MUSES8832 for high-end audio equipment

In order to expand the application of high quality sound operational amplifier “MUSES” series for high-end audio equipment, New JRC has developed small leadless package products for package lineup of MUSES8920, MUSES8832.


[Development Summary]

The package lineup of MUSES8920 is DIP8, EMP8 package, and the package lineup of MUSES8832 is EMP8,SSOP8 package for high-end audio equipment.

With the high quality sound of mobile equipment such as portable audio, smartphone and so on, smaller package application is required.

In response to the needs of market, New JRC is developing both high quality sound and small package products. During this time, the high quality sound MUSES operational amplifiers with small leadless package have gone into mass production.

These products will effectively improve the sound quality of mobile equipment such as portable audio, smartphone and so on.

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