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MOTION SENSOR NJR4265/ NJR4265 J1 is intelligent motion sensor that is designed for the sensing of short distance low speed movement object of pedestrian etc.


  • Motion Sensor based on 24 GHz Microwave Doppler Effect Technologies »
  • Antenna, RF circuit, IF amp, MCU and voltage regulator are integrated in a small package (14 × 20.4 × 8.8 mm) »
  • Signal processing software for the steady sensing
  • Enhancing signal from movement object and decreasing random noises 
  • Decreasing mutual interference between sensors 
  • Identification of movement direction (approaching and leaving) 
  • Low voltage operation and low power consumption 
  • Communication with PC/MCU is available by UART interface and stand alone operation is also possible APPLICATIONS »
  • Energy saving equipment (lighting equipment, air conditioner and etc.) 
  • Room access control system equipment 
  • Human detectio



FCL - Fujitsu
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